The Qnicorn charged through the streets of Washington, D.C., perhaps powered by unicorn tears.

CarAndDriver, By Colin Beresford

© CarAndDriver | Audi Q3 Dresses as Unicorn, Complete with Horn, for Halloween

The Audi Q3 looks good, but we never knew that it could look this good.

Audi created the "Qnicorn" after an Instagram photo showing an imaginary version garnered lots of attention.

Sadly, the legal team had to rain on the parade and say that it is ill-advised to drive "with props or inappropriate accessories installed."

What could you objectively do to improve the already good looks of the Audi Q3, the German automaker's smallest crossover? Well, dress up a Q3 like a unicorn, of course. On the eve of Halloween, Audi got into the spirit of the holiday by taking an Audi Q3 around Washington, D.C., outfitted with a unicorn horn. The "Qnicorn" started out as part of a social media campaign and became so Instagram famous that the automaker decided to go ahead and create a real one.

The horn, Audi says, is three feet long and was custom built for the stunt. It's decorated in "shimmering gold paint infused with glitter and hints of purple." The Q3 is wrapped in pearlescent vinyl that gives a rainbow effect in sunlight, and there's purple ambient lighting inside the crossover.

Tara Rush, Audi of America's chief communications officer, tweeted that the automaker "speed tested the horn up to 40 mph," but she qualified that with what appears to be a disclaimer from the Audi legal team as to why one shouldn't actually put a unicorn horn on a car. 

Audi freely admits that the point was to help put the Audi brand on the radar screens of the young and hip. But this was not just a PR exercise; Audi took the Qnicorn to visit Inova Children's Hospital in northern Virginia after a day handing out candy around the nation's capital in "areas popular for millennials."
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