On Oct. 26, 2004, NASA's Cassini spacecraft took the first close-up images of Saturn's largest moon Titan
Space.comBy Hanneke Weitering 
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The Cassini spacecraft would later drop off a probe on Titan named Huygens, which was a European spacecraft that hitched a ride to the Saturn system with the Cassini mission. But before Cassini dropped off its robotic passenger, it flew by Titan a few times and took some amazing photos
Cassini completed its first flyby on July 3, 2004, but when it swung by a second time on Oct. 26, it got about 300 times closer than it did the first time. At the closest point of this flyby, Cassini was 745 miles away from the surface of Titan. The spacecraft took hundreds of photos during this flyby, and these were the highest-resolution views of Titan anyone had ever seen.
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