American start-up will rival Tesla's new Model Y with futuristic, 300-mile family EV.

American start-up company Fisker will show a 'production-intent prototype' of its upcoming electric SUV in January 2020, according to a tweet by the firm's founder Henrik Fisker. 
Autocar UK, By Felix Page
© Image credited by Haymarket Media Group | Fisker to show electric SUV prototype in January 2020.

The American-Danish entrepeneur also confirmed that the new model's name will be officially revealed later this week and that the production variant will only be available via a 'flexible lease' plan, with no long-term contract necessary. 
Preview images show that the Tesla Model Y rival will ride high and feature modern, utilitarian styling. Flared arches hint at the EV's performance potential, while narrow headlights and chrome detailing are a nod to the brand's 2018 Emotion concept. 
Like the Model Y, the as-yet-unnamed Fisker will be priced from less than $40,000 (£30,200) in the US. It features what the firm calls “captivating design touches that have been traditionally reserved for supercars in the past”.
Confirmed styling details include a front-mounted radar in place of a grille, a large front air intake, flared wheel arches, and a futuristic headlight design. 
Performance details haven't been revealed, but an 80kWh lithium-ion battery pack is claimed to provide a range of nearly 300 miles. The car will be available in four-wheel drive form, with an electric motor mounted on each axle. Fisker hints at the presence of a Targa-style removable roof section, stating that “with the touch of a button, an extended open-air atmosphere will be made possible without compromising the rugged and safe structural integrity of an SUV”. 
The company also claims that the new model's interior will offer class-leading space and feature a large head-up display and an intelligent user interface.
Henrik Fisker previously said the new model will take the form of “a desirable, luxuriously rugged and green vehicle that’s accessible to people across the US and the world”.
It's not yet confirmed where the new model will be produced, but Fisker said prototype testing will begin before the end of this year.
The company is also at work on developing solid-state battery technology, which it says would allow future vehicles to gain 500 miles worth of charge in as little as one minute. 
Fisker Inc. was formed in 2016, succeeding in the bankrupted Fisker Automotive company that launched the Karma range-extender electric luxury saloon – now re-engineered and on sale as the Karma Revero – in 2011.
This article was originally published in Autocar UK.
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