New EV will marry electricity with performance to jostle with VW's upcoming ID 3 R.

Autocar UK, By Rachel Burgess

© Image credited by Haymarket Media Group | Hot Renault Zoe RS expected by 2022

Renault is set to launch a hot Zoe RS within three years as it looks to lead the way for electric performance vehicles.
Autocar first reported a Zoe RS in 2017, after the creation of the 460bhp Zoe e-sport concept car - officially a nod to Renault’s involvement in Formula E - but the model has not yet come to fruition.
Renault product planning boss Ali Kassai said: “Society is changing so fast. We need to find a way to make a passion for performance cars socially acceptable. I believe Renault is best placed to find that way because of our history as a leader in EVs and one of the historic players in performance cars.”
He continued: “We have been thinking about this for a long time. It will happen the day when the technology roadblocks are removed. This means high performance but also the sustainability of performance and making economic sense.”
Asked how soon we might expect a hot electric Renault, Kassai said: “It has to be short because we were the leader in EVs, so we need to keep up the pace. I hope in three years.”
Kassai also said Renault wants to continue its traditional RS line for as long as feasibly possible. “We will not let our fan club down,” he said. “As long as we can offer these cars, regulatory-wise, we will.”
This article was originally published in Autocar UK.
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