Just last week, Nissan said it hasn't decided whether the new Zed will be hybrid, petrol, or fully electric. We don't know what's powering this mule, but fingers crossed it means a new Zed is coming.

CarAdvice, By Scott Collie

© Image Credit by Scott Collie / CarAdvice | Nissan 370Z-based mule spied.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel for Nissan Z fans waiting for a 370Z replacement?
A test mule based on the 370Z has been snapped at the Nurburgring, suggesting Nissan has started work on a replacement for the long-serving 370Z coupe and convertible.
Although it looks very 370Z, there are a few notable changes here. The nose has been updated with six new vents above the lower intake, while the fog lights have been replaced with... blank space.
Those extra cooling slots indicate the powertrain has changed, and there's something going on with the existing naturally-aspirated V6.
Given Nissan hasn't confirmed what will power the next Zed, it's unclear whether the extra cooling is in place to support more electric hardware in a hybrid powertrain, or a more powerful internal-combustion engine.
Beyond the extra cooling, the only real giveaway as to the fact this isn't just a regular 370Z is the (very CarAdvice) orange and black paint job.
What the next Zed will look like has been subject to plenty of column inches, but Nissan has yet to confirm what it'll look like, what will power it, and when it's set to arrive.
Pressed on how likely the 370Z and GT-R are to go electric, Nissan's global head of product planning, said hybrid and electric power are among the "alternatives" being considered.
How the next Zed will shape up, or whether Nissan is just preparing a special edition to breathe fresh life into the aging 370Z, will become clearer over the coming months. Stay tuned for more, and click the images to view the full gallery.
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