The Jungle cat can hold your phone or stand on its own.

Engadget, By Jon Fingas

© Razer | Razer game controller turns your phone into a wannabe Switch.

Razer had one more mobile gaming accessory in-store today, and this one will seem... familiar. Its newly released Jungle cat controller effectively turns your phone into an ad hoc Nintendo Switch. If you have a Razer Phone 2Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy S10+ (plus the P30 Pro outside of the US), you can attach the gamepad 'halves' to a special case and play more demanding games without touching the screen. Prefer a dedicated gamepad? You just have to attach each piece to a controller grip. It's hard to miss the similarities between this and a certain game console, but you might not mind if it gives you the edge in Fortnite.

The Jungle cat relies on a low-lag Bluetooth connection, and topping it up with USB-C will give you a healthy 100 hours of battery life. A companion Android app provides per-game button mapping and sticks sensitivity adjustments. And before you ask: no, there's no Joy-Con style motion control or vibration feedback.

You can buy the controller now for $100. That's a lot to spend on stepping up your mobile gaming experience, but Razer is no doubt counting on there being some Android gamers willing to pay a premium for flexibility and a well-established button layout.

This article was originally published Engadget.
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