A “young Trump supporter,” played by Pete Davidson, takes the stage and tells the president he’s from ISIS, promising: “I will make ISIS great again”

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© The Daily Beast | ‘SNL’ Mocks Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Clinton, Conspiracy Theorists With Trump Rally Sketch.

Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump, a now-infrequent presence on Saturday Night Live‘s Season 45, returned for the show’s Chance the Rapper-led episode, which began with a cold open at a Trump rally. In the sketch, the president tries to distract from his intensifying crises by calling a menagerie of supporters – including a few hardcore conspiracy theorists – up onstage to speak highly of Trump.
“These Democrats – led by Adam Shifty Schiff, he’s a real Schiff-head – it’s a deep state conspiracy and tonight I’d like to bring up some of my loyal followers to explain what’s really happening in the country,” Baldwin’s Trump said.
A Biker for Trump tells the rally, “All this man did was shakedown a foreign government to get dirt on his political enemy. I mean, is that wrong?”
A “young Trump supporter,” played by Pete Davidson, then takes the stage and tells the president he’s from ISIS. “I was a prisoner in Syria until last week when you freed me so I just wanted to say thank you for bringing jobs back… to ISIS. And I promise that I will make ISIS great again.”
Kate McKinnon’s Lindsey Graham appeared onstage to declare his undying support of Trump and deliver a soliloquy before Alex Moffat’s Mark Zuckerberg talked about Facebook’s “rigorous” fact-checking ahead of the 2020 elections.
Former SNL cast member and current SNL announcer Darrell Hammond then reprised his impersonation of Bill Clinton, accidentally appearing onstage – “I just followed the party” – and briefly discussing impeachment with Baldwin’s Trump. “You dirty dog,” Clinton told Trump, reminiscing about his own impeachment. “No, it’s not for that. They don’t mind when I do that,” Trump responded to Clinton.
Fred Armisen, another former cast member, returned to play Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “We’re still working on getting that dirt on Biden, but I want to throw it out there that we can just make him disappear,” Erdogan tells Trump.

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