These past two years have been a joy for us to interact with you on Stargate Command. We have enjoyed our chats with you in our forums, reading your feedback, and most of all spending time with you at Cons around the world. We’ve learned that while you’ve supported our platform and mission, you prefer to engage with the franchise and fellow fans on communities where you already are: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Therefore, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be transitioning much of our Stargate Command content to YouTube. Shows like Dialing Home and Recon, which were previously only available to All-Access Pass holders, will be made available on YouTube without charge beginning in 2020. It’s important to us that Stargate content reaches fans everywhere and we believe YouTube is the right place to help us achieve that goal.

You will see the transition starting today with a re-discovered Brad Wright interview from Season 9 of SG-1, available now on YouTube!

Other content you are accustomed to viewing by logging in on Stargate Command will be available until 12/31/19. As of 12pm US Pacific Time on 12/31/19, the Stargate Command service (both at and the Stargate Command apps) will be discontinued and all accounts closed. If you are an All-Access Pass holder, please see our FAQ for details on how these changes affect you. If your All-Access Pass would have extended into 2020, we will be providing you a refund as described in the FAQ.

Stargate fans truly are the best fans and we’re excited to continue connecting with you on the channels and via the communities you love. With your continued support, we plan to grow this timeless franchise in the years ahead. Please read more in our FAQ which contains details about the transition, including refunds for eligible All-Access Pass holders!

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