The new KRGT-1 is an evolution of the previous generation model by ARCH Motorcycles, a bespoke performance cruiser manufacturer co-owned by actor Keanu Reeves.

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Los Angeles-based ARCH Motorcycles, founded by Keanu Reeves, has unveiled the latest iteration of the company's flagship performance cruiser, the 2020 KRGT-1, just ahead of the world's most well-known motorcycle show, the EICMA 2019 in Milan, Italy. The new KRGT-1 is not an all-new motorcycle, but an evolution of the previous generation model, with over 20 major changes involving more than 150 newly designed and manufactured components. The new ARCH KRGT-1 gets redesigned bodywork, upgraded suspension, ergonomic enhancements, updated braking components, and new safety features.

"The KRGT-1 was originally designed to realize the potential and push the boundaries of what an American v-twin motorcycle could offer," says ARCH motorcycle co-founder Gard Hollinger. "Our new KRGT-1 stays true to the original objective while further developing and refining the motorcycle's design and performance elements to enhance the overall riding experience."

The ARCH KRGT-1 is powered by a 124 ci (2,032 ccs) S&S/ARCH v-twin engine with an in-house designed downdraft induction system along with proprietary K&N Engineering air filter for better flow. The exhaust system is also an ARCH-designed 2-into-1 stainless steel header system, with a Yoshimura carbon fiber muffler. And it's said to deliver low-end torque from just a slight twist of the throttle, with peak torque rated at 164 Nm.

There's a new race-inspired billet aluminum swingarm which is said to increase rigidity and lessen unsprung weight, and the suspension is handled by a fully adjustable Ohlins rear shock at the rear, and the front suspension has also been upgraded to a 48 mm, Ohlins fork with NIX technology. The KRGT-1 now comes with a Bosch-developed anti-lock braking system which improves braking performance, stability, and safety. Other high-end bits include a reshaped cowl and screen, as well as a new dash. The carbon fiber fenders have also been reshaped to better flow with the bike's design lines. According to ARCH Motorcycles, the new KRGT-1 is tailored to individual ergonomic and cosmetic requirements, making each motorcycle unique, and is built at the company's South LA area shop.

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