Boosted, a leader in the electric skateboard industry is back with a pair of new products: Boosted Beams headlights and larger wheels known as Boosted 105s.

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© Electrek | Boosted reveals two new products: electric skateboard lights and bigger wheels

The two new products were just announced today and were designed to meet the needs of riders who have been asking the company to address these two issues.

Boosted Beams e-skateboard lights

The Boosted Beams are a pair of LED headlights putting out a combined 600 lumens, as well as a tail light bar. They mount to the trucks on a Boosted electric skateboard and use a power tap to run off the main e-skateboard battery.

The lights can be activated using the Boosted remote and the tail light illuminates brighter during braking to serve as a brake light.

Boosted Beams are priced at $199, which could be a tough sell when compared to other $20 electric skateboard lights on the market. Though riders can be sure that Boosted’s model will be of higher quality than typical run-of-the-mill lights.

As described by Aaron Bromberg, Boosted’s Chief Product Officer:
“Boosted has always been committed to rider safety, and one of the top requests from our community has been lights to enhance visibility overall, but especially at night. With the days getting shorter, Boosted Beams are absolutely the best way to see and be seen on your ride home. But we’ve also integrated some smart features that really enhance the utility and overall experience.”

Boosted 105s

Boosted also unveiled larger diameter wheels measuring 105 mm, as compared to Boosted’s standard 85 mm wheels. Boosted claims the wheels will increase the board’s speed by 2 mph and improve the ride comfort.

The $169 wheels have hollow pockets designed into the depth of the urethane that gives them extra give, almost like tires. The effect should be smoother rides and the ability to surmount larger obstacles and road debris.

The new product unveilings follow Boosted’s latest product, the Boosted Rev electric scooter, which was launched earlier this summer. 

This article was originally published by Electrek. 
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