BYTON, the Chinese EV maker, today announced that it has received a distributor license from the state of California. That means Byton will be a retail entity.

Electrek, By Bradley Berman

© Electrek | BYTON gets a California license to become an automotive retailer.

We reported about Byton’s unique hybrid dealership model a couple of weeks ago, including its use of facial recognition.

Jose Guerrero, Managing Director, BYTON Americas shared more:
“From the beginning, we believed that a hybrid retail model was essential in order to provide BYTON customers with the best possible ownership experience. We’re building a retail model that has never been attempted in the US. The next pieces of the puzzle will be selecting our retail and aftersales service partners and securing our California dealer license.”
By receiving a California dealer license, BYTON will be able to sell and lease directly to customers in the state. It also means that BYTON can retail vehicles online to customers in other states.

With BYTON’s announcement, the company is now in a better place to launch its M-Byte SUV in China next year, to be followed by an introduction in the US in 2021.

This article was originally published by Electrek. 
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