The Detroit-based brand moved up 13 places on the Consumer Reports list thanks to the Challenger and Grand Caravan.

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Dodge made the Consumer Reports annual list of most reliable car brands, with the publication crediting "few redesigns" as a reason.

Acura and Volkswagen took the biggest tumbles, each falling nine spots, on the list of 30 manufacturers.
Tesla moved up four spots from last year but also takes home the honor of making the most unreliable vehicle surveyed, the Model X.

It isn't often that a lack of change within a model line garners positive reactions, but in the case of Dodge's reliability, it did just that. For the first time, Dodge moved into the top 10 most reliable marques this year on the Consumer Reports ratings of most reliable cars, coming in at eighth place up 13 spots from last year.

The Challenger and Grand Caravan moved the brand up with above-average ratings, despite the Durango remaining worse than average. Another Fiat Chrysler brand, Chrysler, moved up seven spots to 19th place thanks to the Chrysler 300.

Dodge was the only U.S. brand to appear in the top 10; Japanese and Korean brands claimed seven of the 10 spots. Lexus, Mazda, and Toyota occupied the top three spots in that order, followed by Porsche, Genesis, Hyundai, and Subaru at seventh. Kia finished in the ninth.

Redesigned models from Acura, Volkswagen, and Audi caused the brands to fall in the rankings, with the former two each falling nine spots the most among the 30 ranked manufacturers. Issues with VW's Atlas and Tiguan, and Acura's RDX and MDX caused the plunge for each brand.

Tesla moved up four spots from last year, with its most reliable model being the Model 3 thanks to production stabilizing. On the other hand, the Model X continues to be one of the most unreliable models surveyed according to CR.

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