California-based Monday Motorbikes has a new electric moped coming soon. And Electrek just received the first details confirming the specs for two models: the Gateway and Gateway Booster electric mopeds.

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Thanks to an Electrek reader known only as Derek, we’ve got a look at an email sent to Monday Motorbike customers with an early teaser announcement of the company’s upcoming electric mopeds. From there we were able to find a page on Monday’s site with the full specs and pricing for both models.

It looks like Monday Motorbike’s new Gateway line of electric mopeds is shaping up to compete with the likes of the recently released Juiced Scorpion electric moped.

The Monday Gateway and Gateway Booster both offer a similar design with a classic moped-style frame. The Gateway is the lower-powered and pedal-assisted version, while the Gateway Booster gets a power and speed bump while losing its pedals in the process.

Monday Motorbikes Gateway electric moped

The Gateway electric moped sports a 500W continuous rated Bafang rear hub motor and hits a top speed of 30 mph (51 km/h), according to a product announcement email that Monday Motorbikes sent to previous customers ahead of a public announcement of the bikes.

The Gateway will include throttle and pedal assist, with Monday Motorbikes claiming it will be classified as a Class II e-bike. That would indicate a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and likely means the bike will ship with a lower Class II speed limit that the owner can adjust using the bike’s onboard computer. This is a strategy that has been employed by other companies to ship e-bikes that fit into Class II laws but still offers riders the ability to easily “hack” their bikes for higher speeds.

Interestingly, the Gateway will include dual mechanical disc brakes on the front wheel and a single disc brake on the rear. 

Dual front disc brakes are more common on higher-powered motorcycles but are rarely seen on electric bicycles and mopeds.

The Gateway will also receive a large front and rear lights with classic moped styling.

Monday Motorbikes claims the 624 Wh battery on the Gateway should be sufficient for 30 miles (51 km) of range.

The price will be the US $2,399, though Monday Motorbikes is promising discounts up to 40% off for early customers.

Monday Motorbikes Gateway Booster electric moped

The motor on the Gateway Booster is upgraded to a 1.2 kW unit and provides a maximum speed of 35 mph (56 km/h).

The Gateway Boosted completely removes the pedal-assist option — and the pedals entirely. Instead, the moped (or noped, now) gets floorboards for the rider’s feet.

A larger battery 840 Wh battery replaces the Gateway’s smaller unit, though Monday Motorbikes claims the Gateway Booster should be good for the same 30 miles (51 km) of range — likely due to the higher power demands.

The Gateway Booster gets single front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. Both models get the same front and rear hydraulic suspension.

The Gateway Booster will be priced at the US $3,499, though it will also receive the 40% discount for early customers. The bikes will be available in multiple colors, which is good news if you don’t love camouflage.

Both models are heading to Indiegogo on November 22, which is a preorder-building (and hype-building) move also employed by Juiced Bikes with the launch of its own electric moped recently.

Electrek’s Take

Yea, I like it. The styling is a bit more retro than Juiced’s model. It looks a bit rougher around the edges, but the design looks solid and the components look good. The 40% price will definitely be more in my wheelhouse. For $3,499, I’d almost rather buy a CSC City Slicker Motorcycle and still have $1,000 leftover.

The Monday Motorbikes Gateway line of electric mopeds is also a great example of the booming popularity of moped-style e-bikes. The Bird Cruiser and the Scoot Cruiser, as well as the RadRunner from Rad Power Bikes,  are all part of this growing trend.

These likely aren’t the most pedal-friendly e-bikes, but they sure are fun to ride! I had a blast reviewing the Super73 S1 electric bike (video below) and Electrek‘s Seth Weintraub had an equally fun time when he got to take a Juiced Scorpion for a spin.

 (Video Credited by via Youtube)

I look forward to getting to test out a Gateway Booster as soon as I can. If we can make that happen, then I’ll be sure to report back ASAP so that Electrek readers can see it first.

This article was originally published by Electrek. 
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