Ford has launched its ‘reservation website’ for the new Mustang Mach E. Prospective buyers can reserve the vehicle for a $500 refundable deposit.

Electrek, By Fred Lambert

© Eletrek | Ford launches reservation website for new Mustang Mach E for $500

Last night, Ford launched the Mustang Mach E, its first all-electric vehicle built to be electric from the ground up.

The vehicle is not going to go into production until almost a year from now, but Ford is now starting to take reservations.

The automaker announced the launch of the ‘reservation website’ today:
“Launching in late 2020, the all-electric Mustang Mach-E will be available in several variations, including a limited quantity First Edition. A special GT Performance Edition will also be available starting in Spring 2021. Customers can reserve their spot in line for the Mustang Mach-E by making a $500 refundable reservation deposit.
There 5 different versions of the Ford Mustang Mach E, but only the First Edition and the Premium versions are going to be available next year:

On the website, prospective buyers can also configure the Mustang Mach E with different battery packs and color options:

© Eletrek | Ford launches reservation website for new Mustang Mach E for $500

Ford notes that a deposit only allows “configuration of a vehicle” and “those who reserve a vehicle will be able to finalize their configuration next year when the ordering window opens.”

Electrek’s Take

With many new electric vehicles coming to market, automakers seem to be turning to use a reservation process in an attempt to lock in some demand.

Those reservations should also be useful to Ford for planning production capacity and allocations to dealerships based on demand.

For buyers, there also might be an advantage to getting in early and making sure you have access to the full federal credit for their car.

However, that would only matter if Ford accumulates a large number of orders and plans large volume production of the Mustang Mach E, like over 100,000 units per year, which is currently unknown.

Ford is being squirrelly about the production capacity for the vehicle.

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