Ford has just unveiled the Mustang Mach E at a private event at the LA Auto Show.  Electrek is on the scene and will be bringing you updates in our Ford Mustang Mach E Livestream news hub post.

Electrek, By Jameson Dow

© Electrek | Ford Mustang Mach E – first video footage from Ford.

In addition to the Livestream and media drives/information we’ve been given, Ford has released some footage of the vehicle and we’ve assembled a YouTube video running down the key points of the electric crossover SUV.

In the video, we see some better exterior shots.  Previously we had camouflaged spy shots and photos from Ford’s website leak, but now we have some nice action shots and panning shots of the exterior and interior details, which show a lot more than what we’ve seen before.

In particular, previous photos didn’t really show how the door handles work.  Now we know that the doors open through buttons on the B- and C-pillars, with a small handle on the front door to help pull it open.

We’ve also been given a closer look at the center touchscreen display, which is also operable with a physical wheel control embedded at the bottom of the display.  Despite being a whole new interface made for the Mach E, the display will incorporate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Check out the video below, with narration from our own Mikey Geurts, and video of the Mach E driving on various California roads and studio shots of the exterior and interior:

 (Video Credited by via Youtube)

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