Ford’s Mustang Mach E electric crossover SUV gets unveiled tonight in Los Angeles, in advance of the LA Auto Show.

Electrek, By Jameson Dow

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Electrek is at the event and will bring you full coverage of everything you need to know about the car here.

(Update: this article previously stated the Livestream would start at 6:30pm – the stream starts at 5:50pm, while reservations go live at 6:30pm)

While we already know most of the Mustang Mach E’s specs due to a leak on Ford’s website on Thursday, we’re bound to find out some new things at the event.

In particular, we already know that the car will start at ~$36k ($43,895 minus $7,500 US federal tax credit), though the “premium” and “first edition” models which launch late 2020 will be more pricey ($50.6k and $59.9k pre-incentive).  Other models launch in early 2021.

Mach E will have an estimated 0-60 performance of between ~3-6 seconds depending on options, and Ford is targeting 230-300 miles of all-electric range.  It will charge at a max rate of ~47 miles every 10 minutes on a 150kW DC charger.

We also know what the car will look like.  After test mules, then renders, then spy shots, Ford’s website leak finally showed us a true look at the car without camouflage and we’ve even seen some real-life photos screengrabbed from a leaked press video.

There are a few remaining questions, though: how big is the Mustang Mach E, compared to other crossover SUVs?  How efficient is it, and what exactly is the charge rate?  Will the interface allow for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?  And finally, where the heck are the door handles?

These questions and more will be answered tonight, in Ford’s Livestream which you can view here.  It goes live at 5:50pm PST/8:50EST:

 (Video Credited by Ford Motor Company via Youtube)

We’ll be following along with the Livestream and updating this page with anything interesting that happens in the stream or at the event.  Reload this page for more information as the event unfolds.

We’ll also have our own articles and video going up about the car which we’ll link below as they go live:
  • (stay tuned!)
Ford plans to start taking $500 refundable reservations for the Mustang Mach E tonight at 6:30PST/9:30EST, right after the broadcast.  We’ll add the link when we get it.

Electrek’s Take

Ford is finally taking electric seriously and seems to be doing it in a big way.  The Mach E is one of the few cars designed from the ground up with specs that look like they challenge Tesla directly with a quick, capable, well-designed electric vehicle at a reasonable price and launching into the same market at roughly the same time.  We’re super excited to see how this all turns out.

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