Revel’s electric moped sharing program has been on a roll with expansion across the US. The latest city to get the fast little EVs is Austin, Texas, which was helped by new electric moped friendly legislation.

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© Micah Toll / Electrek | More electric mopeds take the US by storm as Texas welcomes Revel moped-share.

What are Revel electric mopeds?

Revel’s electric mopeds are two-seaters that can be parked anywhere in a city within the company’s operating limits.

Riders can rent the electric mopeds for just $1 to start and $0.25 per minute of riding, or $0.10 per minute while parked if riders want to keep a scooter waiting for them while they run into a store.

Each of Revel’s rides comes with two DOT-certified three-quarter helmets in the storage compartment (and sanitary paper hair covers if sharing helmets freaks you out).

The electric scooters started out with a pilot program in Brooklyn last year with Torrot scooters, but then expanded with a full fleet of 1,000 electric scooters sourced from electric scooter manufacturer NIU.

The company then expanded further with 400 electric scooters in Washington, DC.

Now the company is ready for its next expansion, and this time it has its sight set on Austin, Texas. Revel will deploy 1,000 electric scooters in the Lone Star State’s capital.

The move was helped by moped-friendly legislation that was recently pushed through the state government to facilitate Revel’s arrival and help reduce hurdles for moped use in general.

According to Texas State Representative Matt Krause:
“Since I began serving on the Texas House Transportation Committee, it has been my focus to find solutions to ease traffic congestion and get rid of burdensome regulations that only further congestion. So when my office got the opportunity to file legislation that would make it easier for Texans to operate mopeds and cut out unnecessary regulations, I was eager to get something to the governor’s desk so we can keep Texans moving.”

Electrek’s Take

Yes, bring it on! Electric mopeds and scooters are quickly expanding around the US as Americans wake up to the benefits that European and Asian cities have long enjoyed. These small electric vehicles help reduce traffic, congestion, pollution, noise and so much more. You name it – they probably solve it!

Alright, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.

And I think more states should follow the example Texas has set in drafting and passing electric moped and scooter-friendly legislation that makes it easier for commuters to purchase and own lightweight electric vehicles without needing to go through an entire motorcycle-training class. In fact, I’ve even pushed for a nationwide driver’s license specifically for lightweight electric two-wheelers – something that would help people learn to use the vehicles safely but be much more attainable than a traditional motorcycle license.
This article was originally published by Electrek. 
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