Looks like astrophotography is a popular choice among camera makers these days. 
Space.com, By Elizabeth Howell 
© Canon | New Canon EOS Ra Camera Aims to Take Astrophotography to New Heights
In the wake of a major Google Pixel 4 phone astrophotography upgrade announced last month, Canon has announced it is releasing a new mirrorless camera for astrophotography called the EOS Ra.
The new Canon camera promises four times greater transmittance of hydrogen-alpha light, which allows astrophotographers to better capture the light emitted by nebulas, large gas clouds in space.
Canon's EOS Ra includes a 30x maximum magnification, making it easy for users to make exacting manual-focus adjustments to capture far-away and dim objects.
In addition to the camera body, Canon also offers an optional mount adapter to steady the camera for long-exposure images, and dozens of lenses (such as ultra-wide-angle or super-telephoto) to capture different angles in the night sky.
"As a group of photographers who are passionate about capturing what we can't see with our naked eyes, the new EOS Ra is designed for astrophotographers looking to capture vivid imagery of the night sky," Kazuto Ogawa, president, and chief operating officer of Canon U.S.A., Inc., said in a statement.
This article was originally published by Space.com.
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