Royal Falcon One looks like old money: stuffed with luxury, yet understated. My Other Porsche Is a Superyacht bumper sticker not included.

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Camper & Nicholsons, a yachting specialist, is offering this magnificent Porsche-designed superyacht for sale used, with low engine miles.

The slightly unorthodox design of the Royal Falcon One was intended to help differentiate it from its competition.

Cost is not specified, although we have reached out to the seller for an estimate.

If you need a break from daydreaming about supercars you can't afford, may we humbly suggest you give daydreaming about superyachts a try? Or perhaps you're wide awake and completely able to afford one. Either way, this Porsche-designed superyacht, now for sale in "low engine miles" condition, is the superyacht for you.

 (Video Credited by Camper & Nicholsons via Youtube)

The Royal Falcon One superyacht came about after Royal Falcon Fleet of Singapore went to Studio F.A. Porsche–a subsidiary of the German automaker—with a design brief to make "a spaceship on water." The result was this 135-foot superyacht. It features a catamaran multihull design that allows the stateroom suites to be located at or above the main deck rather than below, which is how standard monohull yachts are designed—and we all know how tedious standard monohulls can be. Royal Falcon Fleet's CEO and president, M. A. Zaman, stated the design of the Royal Falcon One was intended to help differentiate it from its competition. Mission accomplished, Mr. Zaman.

The craft has a beam of 41 feet, a draft of 6.5 feet, and a gross tonnage of 492. The Royal Falcon One has three guest cabins on the main deck, while the master suite and a VIP suite are on the upper deck. The two outer hulls contain the cabins for the ship's 10-person crew. The tender (smaller service boat) is stowed in the stern, and there is a crane for its deployment and recovery.

The opulent interior utilizes a color palette of whites, grays, and blacks for a spare and dramatic look. Smooth, curving lines evoke images of the Porsche design aesthetic seen in the 911 and its automotive siblings. High-lux appointments include freeform leather couches, a Jacuzzi on the top deck, the main saloon with a backlit bar and panoramic observation deck, and a private open-air deck off the master suite.

The Royal Falcon One was built in Sweden and has two MTU 2300-hp diesel engines capable of maintaining a cruising speed of 15 knots (17.3 mph) and achieving a top speed of 35 knots (40.3 mph). It's currently listed with Camper & Nicholsons at a price only available upon application.

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