Reddit user WhiskeySauer, a moderator of the Tesla subreddit, was at the Tesla CyberTruck unveil last night. 

Electrek, By Charles Benoit

© Electrek | Six strikes and you’re out: the Tesla CyberTruck window shattering

He also happens to be a blast and ballistics research engineer who previously tested blast-proof glass for US embassies. Last night he had the chance to speak with a senior Tesla reliability engineer after the glass shattering incident, and even hold the 1kg steel ball Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla Chief Designer, threw at the CyberTruck windows.
According to WhiskeySauer, the Tesla reliability engineer told him that he and his team had thrown the ball against the windows five times the night before with no visible damage. Those previous throws most likely resulted in micro-fractures, and it was a mistake to not replace the window before the unveil with the spares on site. That being said, according to what WhiskeySauer was told, the team had also advised CEO Elon Musk to not attempt the ball toss, and instead stick with the ball drop demonstration. WhiskeySauer says the Tesla reliability engineer was a bit shaken up by the ordeal, but still in good spirits considering.

Electrek’s Take

This story seems to be missing something because Franz shattered both windows right away. Maybe he’s just got a much better pitch than the reliability engineers? Either way, I couldn’t care less, it’s amazing just that the windows deflected the ball. I also thought Elon and Franz took like it champs, most business leaders would have handled it far worse. And while I first gave the CyberTruck the Spock raised eyebrow treatment, I’m now in love and want it instead of the Model Y once we outgrow our 3.

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