Tesla appears to have designed a new version of its mobile Supercharger station that it deploys when traffic significantly increases, like with this holiday season.

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The new version is powered by Tesla’s new Megapack.

After a year of anticipation, Tesla launched “Megapack” earlier this year.

It’s the company’s latest energy storage product after the Powerpack and the Powerwall, and it is meant as an even bigger option targeting electric utility projects.

According to Tesla, a single Megapack has up to 3 MWh of storage capacity and a 1.5 MW inverter.

The company’s energy storage business has found some success with electric utility companies through the years with its Powerpack, but the competition has been offering bigger options, and this new Megapack is meant to answer that demand.

But now Tesla is also apparently using it to deploy mobile Supercharger stations.

At times, when Tesla is anticipating a surge in demand at specific charging stations or a station is temporarily down, the automaker has previously deployed mobile Supercharger stations built on skids and often powered by diesel generators.

Tesla has now combined the two products into one.
At the San Luis Obispo Supercharger station, Tesla owners have spotted a trailer with a Megapack and Supercharger stalls:
The first portable supercharger at the SLO supercharger. It can charge 100 cars! It has a bunch of urban chargers attached to a mega pack.
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Tesla deployed the new mobile Supercharger station during the long Thanksgiving weekend to support the higher demand at its busiest Supercharger stations.

The automaker is using its smaller “Urban Supercharger” stalls all around the flat trailer on which they also installed a large Megapack.

Interestingly, owners are reporting that the stalls are capable of delivering 125 kW, which is not quite comparable to the new Supercharger V3, but it is impressive power for a mobile station.

Electrek’s Take

This is awesome. Way better than Tesla’s previous mobile Supercharger stations, which were often powered by diesel generators.

However, Tesla still needs to charge those Megachargers, but they can potentially connect them to better energy sources than diesel generators.

It will be interesting to see if Tesla starts using more of these.
Let us know if you see them in other locations during your holiday travels.

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