Tesla has launched its new “Gemini” 19-inch wheels for Model 3 in the US after only making them available in China.

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With Model 3, Tesla has spent a lot of effort into its wheel development.

The standard wheel is an 18-inch with aerodynamic caps to cover the wheel and improve aerodynamic performance.

Later, Tesla added 19-inch wheels with a more traditional design, and for a while, they were the only two options for the Model 3 before Tesla released a 20-inch version of the same wheels.

In China, Tesla later released a different “Power Sports” 19-inch wheel for the Model 3 Performance with a more aerodynamic design without aero caps.

Now Tesla is launching the same wheels in the US, and the automaker is calling them “Model 3 19-inch Gemini Wheels.”

Interestingly, Tesla is only making the new wheels available through a “Winter Tire Package”:
This winter, drive your Performance Model 3 with confidence by adding the 19″ Gemini Wheel and Winter Tire Package. The uniquely designed Gemini wheels provide a sporty look, while 19″ Pirelli winter tires deliver a smooth winter ride with maximum safety, traction, stability, and braking efficiency in temperatures under 45° F.
Here are a few images released by Tesla on the listing on its shop website:

The kit is configured with Pirelli Winiter Sottozero tires and it is only for the Model 3 Performance configured with 20-inch Performance Wheel.

Tesla is selling the new wheels with winter tires for $3,500.

Electrek’s Take

That’s an interesting way to launch the new wheels — making them available only through a winter tire package?

As I explained in my article about how to prepare your Tesla Model 3 for winter with tires, mats, and some tips, Tesla doesn’t sell only winter tires. They are always sold on new wheels, which is much more expensive than changing tires on existing wheels.

However, it has the advantage of putting less wear on the tires by not changing them on different wheels twice a year.

Also, it makes sense to go with a smaller size wheel for the winter. The tires are less expensive and it is more efficient.

In this case, it looks like the wheels are also more aerodynamic, which means that, combined with the size, it could really make a difference in the efficiency loss that comes with the winter.

My winter tires for my 20-inch wheels on my Model 3 Performance are still very good, but I will definitely consider this option once mine get some wear on them.

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