Yesterday we reported that the (now discontinued) Mid-Range Model 3 has seen a performance bump from 5.6s to 4.9s since its debut. 

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Many of you naturally asked about the other trims, so here you go! We break down all the trims as they were advertised at their debut, how they’re currently advertised on Tesla’s website as of today, November 17, and what drivers are reporting with the 2019.36.x software update which began deployment on November 8, 2019. Note that 2019.36.x was the second power boost for all Model 3s, there was an earlier over-the-air power boost in March 2019.

Tesla Model 3 Performance (M3P)

The MP3 debuted with an advertised 0-60mph time of 3.5s. As early as July 2018 CEO Elon Musk was hinting at better. On August 4, 2018, we reported that M3P owners were able to consistently get 3.3s, as shown by Youtuber DÆrik. As of today, Tesla advertises the M3P as getting 3.2s, but as we reported last week, DragTimes managed to get 2.99s with the new update.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range, All-Wheel Drive (LR-AWD)

When it was announced in March 2018, Tesla promised a 4.5s 0-60mph time for the LR-AWD. Today, Tesla advertises the LR-AWD with a 4.4s time. In November 2019 with the latest software, that time now tests at 4.159s. Source: Reddit User Wugz with lots of more detailed data.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range, Rear-Wheel Drive (LR-RWD) (since discontinued)

The discontinued LR-RWD debuted with an advertised time of 5.1s, but right off the bat DragTimes was able to beat that and we speculated that Tesla was underselling the LR-RWD. Owners currently report a 4.9s time with the latest power update. Source Reddit user SiLee12. LR-RWD owners shouldn’t feel bad they haven’t seen a bigger boost, many in the Tesla community considered this to have been the best bang-for-your-buck purchase in the last months it was available. With updates, its range was a tremendous 325 miles.

Tesla Model 3 Mid-Range (LEMR) (since discontinued)

This was the huge leap we reported yesterday, from an initially advertised 5.6 to a 4.9 with the latest update. CEO Elon Musk teased the Mid-Range before its announcement with a picture of a Lemur, and “LEMR” for “Le (french) MR” stuck with Mid-range.

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+)

Tesla currently advertises the SR+ with a 5.3s time, the same as when it introduced the SR+ in February 2019. However, through software updates, the range has gone from an advertised 220 miles at launch to 250 miles now. We haven’t seen anyone test its 0.60mph time with the latest software update, if you have some data, please share in the comments!

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range (presumably still available? anyone tries recently?)

When the Standard Range was introduced, it was advertised with a 5.6s time. The SR is no longer available on the website, but if the SR+ advertised time hasn’t changed, we assume the same for the SR.

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