Whoever said “everything in moderation” obviously never took a ride on the new Daymak Beast 2.0 e-bike. There’s nothing moderate about this ridiculous yet awesome display of a monster electric bicycle – emphasis on the “electric” and a mere passing nod to the “bicycle”.

Electrek, By Micah Toll

© Micah Toll / Electrek | The Beast 2.0 e-bike is the monster truck of electric bicycles.

Look no further than the massive frame or the giant tires and you’ll quickly realize this isn’t your run of the mill e-bike.

Instead, Toronto-based Daymak focused on building the ultimate off-road two-wheeler that just happens to also have pedals.

The Daymak Beast 2.0 electric bike

Those pedals, which some like to call vestigial pedals, are fully functional yet aren’t likely to get a lot of use. They’re mounted way far back and have the tiniest of crank arms. But they work, and that classifies it as an electric bicycle for all legal intents and purposes.

But the rest of the Daymak Beast 2.0? That seems like a full-on ATV/dirt bike hybrid.

The Daymak Beast 2.0 is rolling on giant 21″ x 7″ x 10″ tires – a size that is normally reserved for ATVs. The rear wheel houses a hub motor that is rated at 500W but is almost certainly underrated. The legal limit for e-bikes in Canada is 500W, but this sucker looks suspiciously like the 1.5 kW motor I put on my 40 mph (64 km/h) electric bicycle. But hey, the spec sheet says “500 W” so we’ll take them at their word.

Of course, that’s even harder to do once you realize that the Daymak Beast 2.0 is also sporting a 60V battery, which is capable of much more power than the average e-bike battery. The Beast 2.0 actually comes with three different battery options: a 1.8 kWh SLA battery, 2.4 kWh Li-ion battery, or a cutting edge 1.5 kWh Lithium-titanate (LTO) battery. The last one is a high tech (and high price) battery that is capable of lasting up to 20,000 charge cycles. Compare that to the typical 800-1,000 cycles of conventional Li-ion batteries!

Back on the hardware side, the Daymak Beast 2.0 features an inverted suspension fork up front and dual coilover shocks in the rear. For stopping power, the bike is packing front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

Speed is limited on-road to 20 mph (32 km/h) to meet existing e-bike regulations. But you can put the Daymak Beast 2.0 in off-road mode when you leave the asphalt and that will bump the speed up to 25 mph (45 km/h). The adjustment can be performed via a smartphone app thanks to Bluetooth connectivity built into the controller. That Bluetooth connectivity also gives riders the opportunity to fine-tune the controller to their liking and adjust ride and performance parameters.

All of this comes in a 100% street-legal package that is designed to handle the asphalt or the trails equally well. The entry-level SLA-powered model is priced at $2,999 and comes with a 50 km (31 mi) range. The Li-ion battery model is priced at $4,999 and has a range of 60 km (37 mi). If you want the LTO model, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. That one doesn’t even have a price yet.

Electrek’s Take

Color me interested!

Alright, this thing is a bit ridiculous. And yes, the pedals are just there to keep the Daymak Beast 2.0 legal. But it looks like a seriously fun ride to me. To me, this looks like what would happen if the team that designed the Bird Cruiser was told: “Go nuts!”

The fact that it can handle on and off-road riding is a big plus too. You could ride it on the road to your favorite fields or trails, have some fun, then ride it right back home. No need to truck or trailer it!

I sure wish it was capable of a bit higher speed, but I imagine 25 mph (45 km/h) feels pretty fast when you’re flying down a Forrest path or through roughly plowed fields.

This article was originally published by Electrek.
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