The new Crayon Envy is part of the brand's low-speed range of offerings and is powered by a 250-watt BLDC motor with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries available.

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Uttarakhand-based Crayon Motors is the newest entrant in the electric two-wheeler segment and has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of its flagship Envy e-scooter in India. The new Crayon Envy joins the Zeez e-scooter that is already on sale and promises to offer best-in-class space, easy maneuverability and long-range. The new offering is part of the brand's low-speed range of scooters and has a top speed restricted below 25 kmph. The manufacturer is yet to announce the pricing for the new model.
Power on the new Crayon Envy comes from a 250-watt high-performance BLDC motor that is offered with either a 48-volt lead-acid battery or a 60-volt lithium-ion battery. The electric scooter measures 1880 mm in length, 710 mm in width and 1120 mm in height. The e-scooter has an electronic-assisted braking system with regenerative energy.
Speaking about the new Envy e-scooter, Rahul Jain, Director, Crayon Motors said, "Along with offering a high-quality product range, we also offer our customers ready EMI solutions from over 15 Banks and NBFCs. Over the next year, we are looking at adding another 100 dealers to our growing dealer network."
Some of the salient features on the Crayon Envy include keyless ignition, 10-inch alloy wheels, disc brakes, and USB charging. The quirky-looking electric scooter gets twin LED headlamps upfront with indicators mounted on the handlebar, while there's a digital instrument console, geo-tagging, side-stand sensor, reverse assist, mobile charging and more.
Crayon expected to retail about 1000 units of the Envy e-scooter over the next four months and under its 'Plant a Tree' initiative, the company will plant a tree for every scooter sold. The Envy e-scooter is part of the brand's plan to have a positive impact on the environment by introducing cost-effective, low maintenance scooters. The company has said that it will also introduce high-speed scooters in the near future.
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