Our friends at EV Items have officially extended its Black Friday sale for Electrek readers with 25% off all Tesla accessories plus free shipping over $50 and a free Starman Elon Musk air freshener with every order. That includes the popular EV Items’ Model 3/S/X storage cubbies, Qi chargers, lighting upgrades & much more.

Electrek, By Jameson Dow

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Head below for our a few of our picks from the sale including a new limited edition red cubby for Model S and X, all ready for delivery a couple weeks before Christmas.

Premium Vegan Tesla Model S & X Cubby Drawer (Reg. $59)

Available for both the Model S and X’s built-in dash compartment, this cubby drawer slides right in and locks into place so it stays secure when in motion. On the inside is a soft, padded Alcantara (vegan suede) lining, while the exterior is covered in vegan leather with a solid anodized aluminum handle. Available in black or red interior options to match Tesla’s interior.

T Logo Welcome Puddle Lights ($39 Set of 2)

These EV Items Welcome Puddle lights will shine the Tesla logo on the ground when opening your doors instead of the normal puddle lights. It uses a Super Bright LED light that is over 6 times brighter than the Tesla’s stock lights. This comes with a set of 2 lights and is compatible with the Model S, X, and 3. All you need is a flathead screwdriver to pop out the old puddle light and install the new bulbs. You can buy four for all four doors on the Model 3 or Model S or a set of two for the front doors on the Model X.
Available for Model S, X, or 3, this LED interior light upgrade kit will fix the dim interior of your Tesla at night with bulbs that are up to 6 times brighter than stock. You can get these in 1 or 4 bulb light kits if you just want to replace a few, for example, the driver’s side footwell, or incomplete kits for Model S (13 bulbs), Model X (11 bulbs), and Model 3 (8 bulbs).

Model 3 Qi Wireless Center Console Phone Charger (Reg. $59)

If you’re looking to add fast Qi wireless charging for your iPhone, Android or another device, this insert is specifically designed to slide into your Tesla Model 3’s center console to charge up to two devices at once. You simply plug into the existing USB port for power and it also includes a built-in USB splitter so you won’t technically lose any USB ports for storage devices or anything else you want to plug in at the same time as using the charger. For example, you’ll still be able to use your dash cam with this charger without having to invest in a splitter or other solution separately.

Premium Vegan Tesla Model 3 Center Console Storage Cubby ($29)

The ultimate center storage console cubby for Model 3, this cubby is wrapped in vegan black leather and comes in a super-soft Alcantara (microfiber) lining in either black or red. You’ll also notice hand-stitched Model 3 branding on the bottom of the interior of the cubby and an included removable divider so you can switch it from one large storage area into two smaller separate compartments. This product is designed for Model 3 specifically, and that means it will fit in your console with ease while still allowing you to close the console lid.

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