Last week we broke the news that NIU’s electric scooters would begin sales in the US on December 1st.
And now that the day has arrived, we’ve finally got the pricing info.

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© Electrek | Prices revealed for NIU’s seated electric scooters in the US

NIU’s electric scooters are already incredibly popular across China and Europe, which has left many Americans waiting on the edge of their seats for a chance to experience an NIU electric scooter in the US.

NIU had originally promised a rollout by Q3 of 2019. And while thousands of NIU scooters did make it stateside starting this summer as part of Revel’s scooter sharing program, it took until the end of this year to finally begin retail sales.

Now that retail sales are open for the first three NIU electric scooter models imported into the US, we’ve finally got the prices.

NIU electric scooter pricing in the US

And without burying the lede any further…
2020 NIU M+ Sport – $2,699
2020 NIU N Sport – $2,899
2020 NIU NGT – $4,599
The NIU M+ Sport isn’t the smallest scooter NIU makes (that would be the NIU U-series). But it is the smallest offering in the US for now until NIU eventually brings the U-series over.

The M+ Sport has a 1.2 kW Bosch hub motor that can propel it up to speeds of around 28-30 mph (45-48 km/h). Its removable 2 kWh battery is sufficient for around 30-40 miles (51-64 km) of real-world range.
The N Sport uses a different frame and body, making it a slightly larger scooter (though both the M-series and N-series scooters can support two riders). The N Sport has a larger 3 kW Bosch hub motor and a slightly larger 2.1 kWh battery. It is limited to similar speeds as the M+ Sport and comes with a similar range as well.
niu ngt
The NGT is where things get really exciting. The NIU NGT has the same body style as the N Sport, but adds a second 2.1 kWh battery and increases the speed to around 44-45 mph (70 km/h). The dual batteries certainly aren’t cheap, as evidenced by the significant price jump from the neutered N Sport to the unlimited NGT, but the range gets a significant boost as well. The NGT is rated up to around 60 miles (100 km) of range when traveling at full speed, or closer to 100 miles (160 km) of range when traveling at city speeds.

Electrek’s Take

Giddy up, let’s go! I put my deposit down on an NIU NGT back in 2018 and I can’t wait to get on one. To me, that’s the model to get. With up to 45 mph or so and the huge range offered by 4 kWh of battery, it’s the ultimate urban AND suburban electric commuter vehicle.

If you live in a city though and don’t really need to go faster than 30 mph, the M+ Sport and N Sport models are really great bang for your buck, in my opinion.

They’ve got more battery capacity than a GenZe 2.0 electric scooter and cost around $1,000 less, plus they look cooler. No offense to the GenZe 2.0 (that scooter has long been the best one I’ve ridden in the US and I had some great experiences commuting on one for nearly a year). But just look at these NIU scooters. They’re sexy, offer great performance and you can’t beat that price. Heck, it’s getting hard to justify some e-bikes that cost more than these scooters and yet can’t hit these speeds or ranges.

This article was originally published by Electrek.
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