A new survey shows that Tesla Cybertruck had an incredible reach throughout the US, and unsurprisingly, the electric pickup truck is dividing people.

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© Electrek | Tesla Cybertruck had incredible reach and is dividing people, survey shows

The launch of the Tesla Cybertruck had a lot of viral factors.
First off, the design itself was shocking to some and it inspired a lot of memes.

The problem Elon Musk had during the live demonstration of the bulletproof windows also generated a lot of media coverage.

More than a quarter of a million people pre-ordered the Cybertruck, which makes it hard to doubt the success of the launch.

Piplsay, a consumer insight firm, tried to quantify the reach of the Cybertruck and what people think about it.

They surveyed 21,143 Americans over their thoughts about the Tesla Cybertruck, and here are the results:

Electrek’s Take

Thanks for the data Piplsay, but your interpretation of it is quite awful.

First thing, “only 44% of Americans have seen the all-electric Cybertruck”? Why only? That’s an incredible reach.

If you actually dig a little deeper into the data, it says that 68% of Americans know about the Cybertruck.

I don’t understand why they would minimize that the majority of Americans know about this new product that is not even on the market yet.

Most companies would kill to have this kind of reach for a new product launch.

As for their thoughts on the Cybertruck, it is really divided:
  • 44% don’t like it
  • 29% like it
  • 27% are undecided
That’s unsurprising. At first glance, it doesn’t look good, but Tesla can work with that.

If only 15% of the pickup truck market drove Cybertrucks, it would still be more than 300,000 EV pickups on US roads.

Then once there are a few hundred thousand Cybertrucks on the road, the design will grow on people. It will become a new normal.

With the price, fuel savings, and specs, a lot of people will reconsider, and Tesla will get a new wave of buyers for the electric trucks.

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