Vancouver-based Damon Motorcycles has joined hands with telecom giant BlackBerry to introduce AI-powered electric motorcycle.

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Telecom giant BlackBerry has joined hands with Canadian brand Damon Motorcycles to unveil a new electric superbike. The Hypersport Pro motorcycle, as it's called, will feature advanced warning systems and collision detection alerts, powered by BlackBerry's QNX technology. The Hypersport Pro will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, and the flagship Damon Motorcycles electric superbike will feature a CoPilot advanced warning system, which will help riders with a series of sensors, radars, and cameras to understand the movement of the bike, as well as its surroundings, including moving objects.
"We're on a mission to unleash the full potential of personal mobility for the world's commuters. To address this, we spent the last three years developing an AI-powered, fully connected, e-motorcycle platform that incorporates CoPilot, our proprietary 360-degree warning system. By building it on BlackBerry's best-in-class technology that is safety certified, Damon motorcycles will be the safest, most advanced electric motorcycle in the market," said Jay Giraud, Chief Executive Officer, Damon Motorcycles.
BlackBerry's QNX system is already fitted into more than 150 million vehicles from brands such as Audi and Toyota. The system will be used in Damon's entire range of electric motorcycles. According to Damon Motorcycles, the co-pilot system will work with radar, cameras, non-visual sensors as well as a 360-degree camera. If any accident hazards are detected by these sensors, the system will alert the rider to the danger through haptic warnings on the handlebar, as well as illuminated warning lights to help prevent a possible accident.
Damon Motorcycles is expected to unveil the Hypersport Pro at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas later today, where potential customers can experience the bike in a virtual reality simulation. The Hypersport Pro will be a limited edition bike and will be showcased at the BlackBerry stand at CES 2020. Pricing for the tech-laden motorcycle is yet to be announced, but pre-orders are set to be announced at the CES 2020.
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