The new EV startup Drako is benchmarking its Drako GTE electric supercar against the best, a Tesla Model S P100D, and with good results.

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Check out this cool teaser video.

The company was founded by Dean Drako, better known as the co-founder and CEO of Barracuda Networks, and Shiv Sikand, an electrical engineer and co-founder of IC Manage.

They have been working on the Drako GTE for a decade, and when they unveiled the car last year, they claim to have “a fully functional production supercar delivered to the stage directly from lapping the track.”

It’s a supercar based on specs, but in a beautiful 4-door sedan form factor based on the original Fisker Karma.

Draco claims some very impressive specs powered by a quad motor architecture each capable of a power range of +225 kW to -225 kW:
With a fully electric quad motor architecture, GTE was designed to elevate the modern driver experience to an entirely new level. Four permanent magnet hybrid synchronous motors generate a colossal 1,200 hp and 8,800 Nm of combined wheel torque providing astonishing acceleration up to a 206 mph top speed. Each of GTE’s wheels are connected to a motor through separate direct-drive gearboxes enabling individual wheel control for extremely precise torque delivery.
We are talking about almost a megawatt of power output coming from just a 90 kWh battery pack. You can see the full spec sheet in our original post about the Drako GTE.

The company wasn’t kidding about having a working version of the electric supercar, and they decided to benchmark it against a Tesla Model S P100D.

They released this video today:

 (Video Credited by DRAKO MOTORS via Youtube)

They say that Tesla was “ludicrous + in full launch mode.”

Drako says that it plans to make only 25 units with a $1.25 million base price. They are taking orders and deposits now, and they expect the first GTE customer deliveries to take place in 2020.

Electrek’s Take

Of course, we are talking about a limited-production million-dollar vehicle here. It’s not really a direct competitor with the Model S.

However, the performance version of the Model S beats many brand-new supercars in production today. So, therefore, it’s not a bad idea for them to benchmark the Drako GTE against it.

I like this project. It’s not for everyone, but they have a really interesting powertrain here, and the design is beautiful.

We will keep following the project and report back.

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