iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT), the leader in consumer robots, today announced a partnership with IFTTT, the leading integration and discovery platform, to enable new embedded smart home integrations. The companies will work to let customers more easily integrate devices and services, like smart thermostats, lighting and home security, directly within the iRobot HOME App.


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iRobot is innovating through digital features and smart home integrations to enhance customer experience. Currently, this includes directing the Roomba® s and I Series robot vacuums, and the Braava jet® m6 robot mop, to clean specific rooms by name using voice assistant integrations. As a result, customers can now clean simply by saying, "Tell Roomba to vacuum the kitchen." This is just one example of how iRobot products are integrated within the broader smart home ecosystem. Working with IFTTT, and leveraging their new Connect product, iRobot will develop in-app integrations to allow its products to more extensively interact with other devices in the home.
As the first step in support of the partnership, beginning today on the iRobot IFTTT service page, customers can find valuable new integrations that enable iRobot's Wi-Fi-connected robots to be triggered by popular smart home devices, within a customized schedule. For example, a user's Roomba or Braava jet can be scheduled to clean when their smart thermostat is set to 'away' during a specific period of time. Or, using location-based family networking apps, a robot can begin cleaning when everyone in the household leaves for the day.
"IFTTT Connect enables a powerful and easy-to-use way for our customers to connect our products with other smart devices in their home," said Chris Jones, Chief Technology Officer of iRobot. "We are excited to work with IFTTT to open up exciting new automations that enhance our existing connected product base, elevate the overall customer experience and further differentiate our products in the marketplace. We also look forward to exploring with IFTTT opportunities to unlock innovative smart home experiences using the home understanding our robots can provide."
"IFTTT began as a destination for consumers to easily connect the brands and services in their lives. With IFTTT Connect, businesses like iRobot are now bringing the power of IFTTT directly to where their customers are," explained Linden Tibbets, Founder, and CEO of IFTTT. "iRobot understands that the smart home of the future will be driven by consumer value. We're excited to explore how the home understanding and spatial awareness inherent in its products will help to unlock new smart home connections and experiences to benefit the consumer."
This article was originally published in iRobot.
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