Over the weekend, we received an email from a reader letting us know that he has been on Best Buy’s waitlist for the Not Pink Pixelbook Go and that he had received confirmation that the 4K model was in-store and available for him to pick up. After chatting back and forth, we both agreed that this must have been a slip up on Best Buy’s part as every listing including their own was still showing “Coming Soon.”

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Well, “coming soon” didn’t take long at all. I just got an email from the Google Store letting me know that the Not Pink Pixelbook Go is officially available and you can now find three models at the usual retailers to include Best Buy, Amazon and the Google Store. To clarify, there isn’t an entry-level Core m3 variant of the Pixelbook Go in Not Pink at this time.
Pricing is the same as the Just Black model with the Core i5 8GB/128GB Not Pink Pixelbook Go coming in at $849. From there, you’ll bump up to $999 for the model with 16GB of RAM and $1399 for the Core i7, 4K version with 16GB/256GB. Personally, this color doesn’t have much appeal but I know there are many who have been waiting to get their hands on the “Not Pink” Go and now, you can do so.

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