Japanese tuning shop Kuhl Racing is sporting up the popular mid-sized SUV.

CarAdvice, By Susannah Guthrie

© Image Credit by CarAdvice | The Toyota RAV4 that's kitted-up like a hot hatch

It's one of Australia's most popular - and sensible - cars. But some owners of Toyota's RAV4 may want the chance to make their theirs stand out from the pack.
Enter this madcap update from Japanese tuning shop Kuhl Racing.
Normally, the RAV4 - which was the eighth biggest-selling car in Australia for 2020 and the winner of our 10-car medium SUV test - looks like a typical SUV, with lofty ground clearance and distinctly curved edges.
But Kuhl's kit has it looking wider, lower to the ground and far more angular than usual.
According to photos from Kuhl Racing, their kit adds a new chin spoiler and new side skirts, bringing the vehicle substantially closer to the ground.
It also gets an all-new streamlined grille with black horizontal lines in place of the usual perforated silver design.
There's also a larger roof spoiler and a quad exhaust system with blue tips, plus white diffuser inserts and a new black trim framing the car's fog lights.
Overall, Kuhl's edits have the RAV4 looking more hot hatch than family-friendly crossover SUV.
It's not yet clear whether the alterations have extended to the car's powertrain or suspension.
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