This is the last major step to check off ahead of a crewed Demo-2 flight.


© Crew Dragon Demo-1 mission, 2019 SpaceX | Watch SpaceX's Crew Dragon in-flight abort test at 8 AM ET on Saturday

One of the last major steps before SpaceX flies its Crew Dragon craft with real NASA astronauts on board is an "in-flight abort test." Scheduled to take place during a four-hour window on Saturday, Sunday or Monday morning, it will test the vehicle's ability to safely get back to Earth if there's a problem during ascent.

Last March, Crew Dragon successfully flew to the ISS and back, and if all goes well, a crewed flight could occur later this year. SpaceX is competing with Boeing's Starliner in the NASA Commercial Crew program, so every test flight counts.

Come back here just before 8 AM ET on January 18th, and if the weather holds then you should see the Crew Dragon separate from its Falcon 9, then eventually land in the Atlantic Ocean. Even if you wake up a little late, keep an eye out -- according to SpaceX, weather data suggests their best opportunity maybe toward the end of the four-hour launch window.

This article was originally published by SpaceX.
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