A Tesla owner decided to install snow tracks on his Model 3, a $40,000+ premium sedan and turned it into a tank able to conquer snowy mountains.

Electrek, By Fred Lambert

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Michael from the YouTube channel “lowlifeduramax” partnered up with Mullin Manufacturing to fit snow tracks on the rear axle of a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus.
They wrote on their channel:
I put snow tracks on my Tesla model 3 SR+ rear wheel drive and took it on a snowmobile trail for experimental purposes. I think I want to take it through mud next time.
That’s quite an audacious project to do on a more than 3,500-pound car.

Here are a few pictures of the installation:

Surprisingly, the system held up, and they were able to drive it on snowmobile trails, resulting in some beautiful footage:

Despite some issues with one of the snow tracks, Michael said about his new Tesla snowmobile:
She rides nice, no complaints. It drives up hills like it’s nothing.
Michael promises to bring the vehicle mudding and even jump it if it gets popular enough. So if you want to see a Model 3 get beat up, you know what to do.

Electrek’s Take

I’ll admit that it looks cool, and it’s a fun experiment. But please don’t put snow tracks on your Tesla. It’s a premium sedan.

He kept saying how nice it is that it’s quiet in the forest with his Tesla snowmobile. I get the appeal, but if you want an electric snowmobile, reach out to Taiga Motors. They’ve got you covered.

Though I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended seeing an actual Tesla snowmobile at some point.

After all, Tesla already confirmed plans to make the Cybersquad, an all-electric ATV. A snowmobile is a different segment, but if Tesla is entering Powersports? Why not?

This article was originally published by Electrek.
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