We’re going through a Harley Quinnaissance at the moment, even if Birds Of Prey didn’t light up the box office, and it looks like DC Universe is eager to keep it going. 

AV Club, By Sam Barsanti

© ScreenshotYouTube | DC Universe's Harley Quinn is coming back for another season in April

As announced on Twitter, the streaming service (which still exists and has yet to be swallowed up by HBO Max!) will already be getting a new season of the Harley Quinn animated series in April. 

The first season just premiered at the end of 2019, so this will be a surprisingly short wait for a chance to hear more DC comic book characters say “fuck” and get beat up in surprisingly violent ways. 

Also, maybe this time Harley and Poison Ivy will end up together? Or maybe they won’t and that’s okay too? Either way, DC Universe has to hold onto something that fans want to see, or else HBO Max will just quietly roll up and take over. Then Harley Quinn’s going to have to hang out with the Friends instead of Poison Ivy, and nobody wants that.
This article was originally published AV Club. 
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