Elon Musk announces a new “Tesla April company talk,” which is expected to replace the previously announced “Battery and Powertrain Investor day” to be held at Giga New York in Buffalo.

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Those announcements were expected to happen at what Tesla has been referring to as “Powertrain and Battery Investor Day.”

Much like the “Autonomy Day” that happened last year, Tesla said that it is planning to give presentations to investors, which are live-streamed, about the automaker’s latest development in powertrains and battery technology.

During the earnings call last month, Musk said that he aimed to hold the event in April to talk about battery production:
We’re going to do kind of like a Battery Day just to kind of explain more about this and what our plans are. I think probably it’s going to make sense to do that after the end of this quarter, because I think it’s going to be kind of an intense end of quarter as it was last quarter. So tentatively sort of in the April timeframe, we will do a Battery Day and kind of go through what the challenges are, how do you get from here to, I don’t know a couple of thousand-gigawatt hours a year or something.
Now Musk is talking about a “Tesla April company talk” to be held at Giga New York:
While it’s not clear that this event will replace “Powertrain and Battery Investor Day,”’ the timeframe would suggest that.
However, Musk seems to be focusing on Solarglass for this event:
The degree to which Solarglass will positively affect the aesthetics and energy sustainability of neighborhoods throughout the world is not yet well appreciated. This is a very important product.
Tesla also produces the new Supercharger V3 at the factory in Buffalo, New York.

The main product is Tesla’s solar roof tiles, or Solarglass, which Tesla has been ramping up.

Musk previously said that he aimed for Giga New York to achieve a production of 1,000 roofs per week by the end of last year.

Installations have been focused in the US, and mostly in California, but Musk said this morning that Tesla will soon announce solar roof tile expansion in Europe and China.

Electrek’s Take

I am not entirely clear that this is instead of the Battery Day or in addition to Battery Day.

I think the former is more likely because I’d be surprised if Tesla held two events in the same month, but it also doesn’t make much sense for the New York event to be just about batteries… or would it?

Are we all in agreement on that?

Either way, I’m excited. I think that Elon realized that there’s actually a lot more to talk about than just powertrain and batteries, so he made it a “Tesla April Company Talk.”

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