Tech giants and sports organizations aren't the only ones wrestling with high-profile Twitter account hijacks. 

Engadget, By Jon Fingas

© Jon Fingas / Engadget | Ninja's Twitter account was hijacked

An intruder compromised the account of well-known streamer Ninja (aka Tyler Blevins) in mid-day on February 22nd, trying to use the opportunity to rack up followers, start beef with Fortnite star Tfue and complain when an account (possibly the perpetrators) was inevitably suspended. The attacker even tried to extort Ninja's wife and business partner, Jessica Blevins, though this clearly wasn't her first time dealing with a wannabe hacker -- she said the intruder "lasted five minutes."

Not surprisingly, Ninja wasn't fazed either. Besides deleting the tweets, he posted a video (below) blasting an "irrelevant" person for grasping in vain for popularity. "Same script every time," he said, suggesting this wasn't a particularly sophisticated hijack.

The incident wasn't the first for Ninja. In July of last year, scammers compromised his Instagram account and pushed bogus giveaways. This makes it clear that he's a high-profile target, though, and underscores how it's still relatively easy to deface accounts even when their owners likely take security seriously. Until social media accounts are airtight, you can expect similar attacks for a long while.
This article was originally published Engadget.
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