We are starting to see Tesla vehicles becoming quite popular with police departments all over the world.

Electrek, By Fred Lambert

© Electrek | Tesla Cybertruck is turned into a police vehicle by Ontario police

Now the OPP also conceptualized a Tesla Cybertruck as a police patrol vehicle:
They released the following render to compared it to their Model X police vehicle concept released two years ago:

They are actually not the first police department to consider the Cybertruck for a police vehicle.

As a 6-seater with off-road capacity and specs going up to 500 miles of range and an acceleration in just 2.9 seconds, some people are starting to imagine a bunch of different use cases for the Cyber track.

But the electric pickup truck is not coming to market until late next year.

For now, the Model 3 is what a lot of police departments are considering when updating their fleet.

At this point, there are about a dozen police departments going electric with Tesla vehicles and most recently, they have been buying the Model 3.

Earlier this year, the Bargersville, Indiana, the police department started updating its fleet to Tesla Model 3 vehicles after they realized it would be much less expensive to drive electric.

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