A Tesla Model X owner says that his electric SUV saved his life after he veered off the road and the car automatically applied the brakes as he was going down a hill.

Electrek, By Fred Lambert

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The electric SUV has earned several other top safety ratings, but none higher than actual owners sharing their safety experiences.

Tesla Model X owner Justin Bowen recently shared his story of crashing his vehicle, which he believes saved his life.

He said that he was driving down a road during a freezing-cold lightning storm last year when he lost control and the vehicle went off-road:
Tesla claimed that they couldn’t “flip” the Model X during internal crash testing and they said that they broke their machine when trying to test the roof strength.

Not only did the Model X not flip during Bowen’s crash, but he also says that Tesla’s Automatic Emergency Braking system helped slow the vehicle down:
The car wasn’t on Autopilot and this road is notoriously dangerous. There was a truck a few hundred feet further down. Any other car would have flipped and gone much further down. Autopilot emergency braked as soon as I went off the road and the extreme slope. Saving my life.
He said that he was able to just walk out of the vehicle and the California Highway Patrol drove him to a motel. He came back the next day with a tow truck.

Bowen is not the first person to say that his Model X saved his life.

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