The Model Y will be in customer's hands later this month (hey, the first time we can say that), yet there are still questions over just how big it is.  

Electrek, By Jameson Dow

© Electrek | Another Tesla fan gets creative with Model Y height comparisons – to S, 3, X, and himself

We’ve seen a lot of photos and videos of the Model Y next to other vehicles, but still don’t have official specs from Tesla.  One fan resorted to using his water bottle to measure ground clearance.

And now we’ve got another new method of height comparison – using the “Jayscale” by twitter user jayzilla711.

It started simply enough, with jayzilla711 finding a Model Y in a parking lot a snapping a photo.

Then others suggested that perhaps he could find other Tesla vehicles around town and stand next to them, offering a direct comparison of their sizes.

Jayzilla711 agreed and went Tesla hunting.  It wasn’t long before he found a Model 3 and posted the two side by side.  For reference, Jay is “5’7″ and a half,” wearing shoes with a .75 inch sole and the hat probably add another millimeter or two:
However, we’ve already gotten a pretty good idea of how the 3 and the Y compare sizewise, both through product photos and real-life ones.  But we’ve only seen one pic next to an X with a pretty bad perspective.  So now we’ve got a little better comparison, thanks to the jayscale:
This is a more interesting comparison which a lot of readers have asked for.  The Model X and Y are more similar vehicle types, though very different in price range than the Y and the 3.  Since the Y and the 3 share a platform, and will be sharing a lot of parts and have a similar price range, most comparisons have focused on those two cars.

But the Model X is an “SUV” like the Model Y, so a comparison between the two is certainly relevant.  It looks like the X is a slight bit taller than the Y – which is interesting because the 3 is a little bit taller than the S.

The Model X also can have air suspension, so its height can vary by approximately two inches.  So all we can say is that the two cars are pretty comparable in height.

Finally, to round it, out, he found a Model S:
Unfortunately, he has no photos with the original Roadster as of yet.  Jay, if you find yourself in Orange County soon, you can really “complete the cycle” on the one in my driveway.  We’ve got plenty of boba shops down here too.

This article was originally published by Electrek.
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