Violet, the developer behind Nabaztag, resurrected the adorable internet-connected bunny last year with the help of a crowdfunding campaign. 


© Violet | Internet-connected bunny Nabaztag is back for a second crowdfunding campaign

Now, Violet is appealing to those who can't resist cute robots yet again to raise funds for a new batch of the TagTagTag board -- a custom board that breathes new life into its interactive creation that was first released in 2005 if paired with a Raspberry Pi. It gives the robot access to new services, such as weather, local speech recognition, and ear-based Tai Chi.

In a brand new Ulule campaign, Violet said it was able to finish sending the first batch of backers their TagTagTag-only kits -- they work with old robots purchased over a decade ago -- and full units -- kits with Nabaztag robots -- in January after three months of delay. However, a lot of people signed up for the waiting list for another production run.

In addition to giving fans the chance to buy a Raspberry Pi-powered Nabaztag, the new campaign also promises two new features. First is support for RFID, while the other is the addition of a kids' programming course called Nabblockly. Pledges start at €33 (US$37), but backers need to shell out at least €75 ($84) for a TagTagTag board without a Raspberry Pi and at least €335 ($373) for a full TagTagTag-Raspberry Pi kit and a robo-bunny.

 (Video Credited by reaDIYmate via Vimeo)

This article was originally published by Ulule.
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