The latest patent images reveal what could be Kawasaki's project on a three-wheeled motorcycle, but it's a little different than the leaning three-wheeled Yamaha Niken.

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Kawasaki's latest patent images show what could be the Japanese brand's development of a three-wheeled motorcycle. The latest development comes after the unique Yamaha Niken leaning three-wheeler, but Kawasaki's design is slightly different, and the latest patent drawings reveal some important details about the mechanism of the three-wheeled motorcycle. The basic design of the Kawasaki patents is the same, with two front wheels and one rear wheel, but there is one significant difference than Yamaha's leaning front end three-wheeler, the Niken.

The Niken uses a leaning front end, with both front wheels capable of leaning around a curve, and suspension supports mounted on pivoting mechanisms. But Kawasaki's patent images reveal something more of a quadrilateral design, with both front wheels capable of moving independently of each other, without any leaning action and remaining vertical, even when cornering. With this design, a single shock can be used, unlike the Yamaha Niken which uses a pair of telescopic forks that suspend both front wheels.

The stance of the Kawasaki three-wheeled motorcycle looks to be a sporty machine, and steering is achieved via a pair of links extending forward from the bars to the steering stem at the front. This is not the first time such patent images of a three-wheeled motorcycle from Kawasaki have emerged, with the first such drawings seen last year. What this indicates is that Kawasaki may be serious about developing such a three-wheeled motorcycle, although there's no word on when we can actually see some pictures of the real product, even in prototype form.

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