LG Display has suspended work at its display module factory in the South Korean city of Gumi after a coronavirus case was confirmed, the company said.


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Samsung isn't the only Korean tech giant grappling with coronavirus infections. LG Display has temporarily halted work at a smartphone screen factory in Gumi, South Korea after a bank worker near the facility tested positive for COVID-19. The company expected to resume production on March 3rd but didn't say what kind of effect it expected the closure to have on phone output.

While there are undoubtedly concerns this could hurt the availability of LG's own phones, it might not be the only company hit by the shutdown. LG Display makes screens for a range of companies, including some of Apple's iPhones. A closure of just a few days could lead to shortages if there isn't enough supply beforehand.

This latest coronavirus outbreak has been damaging to tech companies across the board. Apple has warned of iPhone shortfalls, while Microsoft said it won't meet expectations due to COVID-19's impact on the PC world. That's not including canceled trade shows. The industry may be reeling for a while -- it just comes down to which companies will feel the pinch.

This article was originally published in Reuters.
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