Ubiquitous American pornography website Pornhub is releasing its first-ever non-adult film on Wednesday, the company exclusively announced to Variety.

Variety, by Matt Donnelly

© LEILAH WEINRAUB |  Pornhub to Release First-Ever Non-Adult Film, About Black Lesbian Strip Club Culture

The move places the digital giant, which estimated 42 billion visits to the site last year, in the company of other streamers seeking to expand audiences and diversify its content portfolios. The movie in question is the documentary “Shakedown,” from filmmaker and conceptual artist Leilah Weinraub. It hails from the upper echelons of the art world, where the project enjoyed a prestige rollout in exhibits at the Whitney Museum and MoMA over the last three years.

“Shakedown” is a stream-of-consciousness, nonfiction narrative about the queer women and men who populated the lesbian strip club scene in Los Angeles in the early aughts. It is culled from nearly 15 years of footage shot by Weinraub over her adult life and offers a humorous, sensual and informative look at a vibrant subculture.

Repped by distributor Grasshopper, the movie will stream on Pornhub for free for the entire month of March before hitting broadcast on the Criterion Channel, and, finally, the iTunes store by summer.

“There’s a cool opportunity right now to present films in the art space, there’s more openness to diversity and content, and a different sort of storytelling,” Weinraub said, adding she’s specifically hoping to engage Pornhub’s female users. While the company would not comment specifically on the gender composition, their 2019 user data is staggering and includes figures like 115 million visits per day, 39 billion unique searches for the year and 1.36 million hours of new content uploaded. That translates, Pornhub noted, to 169 years worth of content to watch.

This article was originally published by Variety.
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