Samsung’s in-beta PC to phone game streaming app PlayGalaxy Link has been marked for shutdown three months into its beta period and will go offline for good on March 27, 2020.
© Gamasutra | Samsung is discontinuing its PC-to-phone game streaming app PlayGalaxy Link

While game streaming spaces have grown more crowded as of late, tough competition doesn't appear to be to blame for PlayGalaxy Link's short run. Instead, Samsung cites “internal policy changes” as the reason for the decision along with a need to refocus development efforts on a new product.
The announcement notably falls just weeks after news broke that Samsung and Microsoft have teamed up on a cloud-based game streaming project (via The Verge).
PlayGalaxy Link itself was only revealed last November and entered beta the next month for select Samsung smartphones. While other streaming services aim to let players stream games from remote data centers, PlayGalaxy Link instead functioned similarly to Valve’s Steam Link in that it streams gameplay from a player’s own PC setup to a mobile phone across either wifi or a data connection.
This article was originally published by Gamasutra.
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