Tesla has launched a new $5,500 ‘Model 3 Track Package’, which is a new hardware package for Model 3 Performance vehicles with new wheels, brakes and more.

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© Electrek | Tesla launches $5,500 ‘Model 3 Track Package’ with new wheels, brakes and more

We already knew that the package was coming after Tesla leaked it in the parts catalog last year, but now it’s official.

Tesla listed the package on its website and describes it:
“Optimize the track performance of your Performance Upgrade Model 3. Track Package is a complete hardware package designed to give you maximum cornering force, braking performance and high-speed stability for the best lap times.”
The automaker says that it includes “track-focused brake fluid, high-performance brake pads, and 20″ Zero-G Performance Wheels.”

Here are a few pictures of the Tesla Model 3 Track Package:
Here’s the full list of everything you get for the $5,500 (including installation):
  • 4 x 20″ X 9″ Zero-G Performance wheels
  • 4 x Tesla logo center caps
  • 20 x Lug nut covers
  • 4 x 245/35ZR20 XL Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires
  • 4 x tire pressure sensors
  • 1 x front and rear high-performance brake pads
  • 1 x track-focused brake fluid
Tesla notes that the “high-performance wheels and tires may affect your range” and by “may” they mean definitely trust me.

The automaker also notes that this package is “only compatible with Model 3 Performance Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive with the Performance Upgrade” and they expect shipments to begin in April.

While we have to wait a while to get the package, we don’t have to wait to see it in action since Tesla invited some YouTubers to test it out:

They also gave a sneak peek at the new Track Mode V2, which is a much more advanced and customizable updated version of the software introduced last year:

Drivers can set some custom driving modes with customizable levels of handling balance, stability assists, and regen.

They can even record video of their performance on the track using the new Track Mode.

It also appears to feature an accurate satellite and interactive view of the map and track of the laps

The new software update should be available to all Model 3 Performance vehicles regardless of the Track hardware package, but it’s not clear when it’s going to be pushed.

This article was originally published by Electrek.
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