Tesla has released Model Y production and testing footage, and it is announcing the official start of deliveries in the US.

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The automaker was planning to start Model Y deliveries on March 15, but as we reported on Friday, Tesla started to deliver a few cars ahead of time.

We got reports of a few dozen deliveries Friday and over the weekend.

Tesla also appears to have shipped out hundreds of Model Y electric SUVs from its Fremont factory.

Deliveries have been reported not only in California but also all over the US.

Tesla has now officially announced the beginning of Model Y deliveries and released a video with new production and testing footage:

In order to help new owners, the automaker has also started releasing instructional videos about the electric SUV.

One of the most interesting videos is about Model Y’s awesome trunk cargo system and capacity.

Tesla has also released the Model Y’s owner’s manual in full so that owners and prospective buyers can familiarize themselves with their new electric vehicle.

We have been going through the owner’s manual and pulling out some new and interesting information and differences between the Model Y’s and Model 3’s manuals.

Here are some of them:
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