Tesla has released a new video showing the Model Y’s trunk cargo system and capacity, which is likely the new electric SUV’s best feature.

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As we reported yesterday when we got a close look at the Model Y’s interior, buyers are most excited about the new cargo capacity and the larger hatch.

We got to see the frunk and the two hidden compartments in the trunk.

Now that Model Y deliveries have officially started, Tesla is releasing new support videos for the electric SUV.

The most interesting one is Tesla’s look at Model Y’s trunk and cargo system to move the seats for an optimal hauling position:

Tesla describes the adjustable second-row seats:
“Model Y provides seating for up to three passengers in the second row. Use the adjustment handles on the outside corner of each outboard seating position to adjust the corresponding seat backs. The seat back is split 60/40 so the adjustment handle on the left side moves the seat backs for both the left and center seating positions, whereas the handle on the right side moves the rightmost seat back only. While pulling and holding the handle, move the seat back to the desired position, and then release the handle. Ensure the seat back is securely latched into position by pushing it forward and rearward.”
Here are the relevant pages in their owners manual:
We are learning about several interesting new features related to Model Y’s cargo capacity, including this quick-release button to fold the back seats:

Below those buttons, there’s a side compartment and like the Model X, this compartment is equipped with a 12v outlet.

This makes for a great trunk charging station for accessories and other devices, like electric skateboards, bikes, and electronic devices like cameras.

In my Model X, I use a BMK 200W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC, which has two electrical outlets and 4 USB plugs, and I attached it to that compartment with adhesive velcro.
It makes for a clean look when it’s on and I can easily remove it and put it in the hidden trunk compartment if I don’t need it.

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