Watch the Swedish automaker's new FMX semi-truck roll, with three other new Volvo trucks stacked on top of it.

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Volvo's latest TV commercial shows four of its new semi-trucks stacked on top of each other and driving down an artistically lit road.

The four big rigs that make up the rolling tower are the freshly updated FH, FH16, FM, and FMX. The guy on top? That's Volvo Trucks president Roger Alm.

A behind-the-scenes video also shows the stacking process and specifics about the tower's height and weight.

The Swedes have a weird sense of humor. And we dig it. Volvo Trucks, in particular, has shown a knack for unconventional marketing and making ridiculous TV commercials. Its greatest hits include the one where '80s action star Jean-Claude Van Damme does an epic split between two moving Volvo trucks while Enya's "Only Time" plays in the background, and who could forget the one where a four-year-old named Sophie remotely controls an eight-wheeled FMX construction truck and joyfully crashes it through an obstacle course. Now, the company is taking its absurd ads to new heights. Literally. 

In Volvo's latest TV spot, it actually stacked four of its new semi-trucks the FH, FH16, FM, and FMX on top of one another to form a big-rig tower. It then has them drive through some sort of dreamscape filled with misty conditions and mysterious red lighting. Oh, and Volvo Trucks president Roger Alm is standing on top of the rolling tower like some sort of Swedish Saruman. Because at this point, why not? You can see it all in action in the video above.

In a separate behind-the-scenes video that follows the stacking and filming process, we learn that the tower of trucks rises 15 meters (just over 49 feet) tall. The narrator also shares that the total weight of the four tracks is about 58 tons, which equals around 116,000 pounds. The freshly updated FMX truck, with the dual front axles and Volvo's dynamic steering system, provides the base of the structure.

Alm then takes over narrating duties to comment on the introduction of these four new trucks, which he says is the biggest launch in Volvo Trucks' history. He also mentions that he has "absolute respect for heights" while uncomfortably adding that he sometimes doesn't feel really confident with that. Well, Roger, standing on top of four stacked semi-trucks seems pretty confident to us.

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